Exhibit: Baja, Portraits of a Seductive Landscape

These photos represent some of my favorite images of Northwest Baja California. Millions of people live here, and many more pass through searching for the “real Baja” to the south. But it is here that we find some of the most beautiful landscapes, a soft and inviting climate, and flora and fauna that can fascinate for a lifetime.

Where would you look for species yet undescribed to science? Where can you sit and watch the same scene, the same sky and the same moon, as someone saw 10,000 years ago? Where can you spend the day in extensive pristine oak woodlands and pine forests and then experience fine food and wine at night? Where do you find deep snows, hot springs, empty beaches with new-born seal pups, carpets of spring flowers, and “tropical” sunsets?

This is a land that rewards time spent exploring. There is still always another corner to be discovered, and new plant, animal or friend to be met.

Enjoy the photos, and then go to these places and get to know them personally.