Alan Harper

Alan Harper, PhD, has had an interest in photography and conservation for most of his life. He first visited Baja California in 1980 on a “around the Sea of Cortez bus tour,” where he was looking for likely sites to do research. After spending a lot of time on guano-covered rocks off the Sonoran coast, he decided that there were easier ways to get a doctorate, but his love of Baja California and its residents could not be so easily changed.

Following graduate school, he became active in various conservation projects in Baja California, including being a member of the board of Pro esteros, Pro Peninsula, and supporting the coalition to protect Baha San Quintn. He is a founding board member of Terra Peninsular, AC, a Mexican land conservation organization.

Alan has worked as a volunteer photographer for various conservation organizations, including Pro Esteros and the California Institute for Biodiversity.

Since 2003, Alan has been working using large format photography to capture the landscapes and the unique plants of Baja California, concentrating on the north-west corner, where extraordinary biodiversity, rapid development, and serene beauty are found in close proximity. He hopes that these photos will help the people of the region understand what they have, and what they will soon lose if no action is taken.